Monday, March 16, 2009

CJ's razor scooter is his most prized possession... "one more word and your scooter goes in the trash..."


Rachel said...

I love how (and envy beyond all explanation) your kids BOTH still take naps. Amazing.

Very cute photos.

Sydney said...

I love using the prized possessions as bait. We've been using the "it will go on top of the fridge" phrase to get a certain 2 year old to go to nursery. Sadly, it works.

Yeah to be a fun mom and go to the park. My kids are hoping the fun mom returns before winter hits again!

K19 said...

Tee Hee! The Razor is Coop's favorite too, and you bet we use the 'gonna throw it in the garbage if you don't do _ &_!" Except I am surprised that it works on CJ- isn't the garbage the next best thing to Heaven to him? HAH!! And Toad is so darling and looks SO big! Looks like a little sportser already- you must be proud!