Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Best Afternoon
CJ got to spend the afternoon with great-grandma Sheila and loved pottery.

He says he is now going to be a "Garbage Man Pottery" when he grows up.
Then they got to sit and discuss Jesus, birds nests, recycle bins and naps while eating popsicles.

A pencil holder, a bowl for mommy's jewelry and a plate from CJ.


Jill said...

Ohh..please can I have contact info for Grandma Sheila. My 12 year old son wants to earn a pottery merit badge. Yikes! This would be PERFECT. I could round up a few other scouts.

Will you email me? jillrparkinson@gmail.com

Thank you!!!!

: STEVE : said...

I thought this was going to be a post about Jamers and His Royal Hotness reenacting that pottery scene in Ghost.

K19 said...

This is SO adorable, I love that your grandma takes the time to spend with her 'greats'! We are SO far from our family, and I miss that for my kids so much, maybe one day we'll retire to the North!!!! Glad you kept the adult version to yourselves:)

Ovary Acting said...

J--We miss you guys!