Saturday, May 24, 2008

Today was a good day for CJ. Reasons being are:

1. He got to clean out the garage. This meant breaking down cardboard boxes for the recycling bin (or in our case bins, plural) and composting dead grass and leaves.

2. He finally found some save the earth shirts in his size. We've been looking everywhere and he's been begging me for one - even if it's a women's XL. He picked out two shirts, one that says, "Recycle, recycle, recycle" and the other one that says, "The earth is my friend."

3. As if he wasn't in complete euphoria then, he glanced over and found a hat WITH A RECYCLE SIGN ON IT. It's brown. It's pure recycle awesomeness and he hasn't taken it off (except for a brief moment to crouch down to the ground in the parking lot where he took it off to get a closer look at a still-burning "smokerette" as he called it).

4. Then at bedtime a few minutes ago we were reading this story out of The Friend and he got very serious and said, "Mom, if I'm ever with my friends and they want to play a video game with like wolves or Sasquatches in it, I will pray to Heavenly Father that you'll come get me and then I'll come home and sit on the big chair and you'll just turn on Franklin or Caillou for me and we'll all be happy."  Oh I love this little boy!


Ovary Acting said...

I love him, too! And now I wish I would have got that T-shirt that I saw that said, "One Day I will Change The World" on it for CJ--it totally made me think of him.

Maybe he'll work with Al Gore one day? Or even better, Leonardo DiCaprio?

K19 said...

What a cool cat with his 2 'thumbs up', swanky 'recycle' hat, and yummy healthy-looking breakfast cereal! Is he eating Bran Buds? What a fantastic kid!

Rachel said...

OK, I have a question maybe CJ will know the answer to.

Why won't the recycling plant take lids? They're plastic too!

SUCH a cute post, by the way. I love that photo.

more caffeine, please said...

Rach, I CJ is perplexed that your recycling center won't take lids. Ours doesn't take glass. Go figure. He did tell me to tell you, however, that if you have a lid with the numbered triangle on it, they will take it. ???