Saturday, October 27, 2007

I made CJ a trash can costume for Halloween and he is one happy boy!


Bek said...

Ok... everyone I know said to read these books. I started one and remembered that I TRIED to read one a little while ago and couldn't do it. Seriously. I think I am also not on the Twilight bandwagon. Maybe I will try again.

I also tried to read Cold Mountian a few times and couldn't get into it. Finally after everyone saying how good it was, I read it and still wasn't that impressed. It was the same with the movie Titanic. Didn't get it...

Still dreaming about your curtains. Will you make ME some Roman shades? ;-)

Rachel said...

LOVE the costume! I am beyond impressed with your sewing abilities. I made Lily's costume last year and hated every minute of it. Tried my hand at Easter dresses too. That about killed me. Some people should just learn to accept their limitations. I did make a bitchin'(insert sarcasm here) cape for Lily's witch costume though! ;)

As for the Twilight stuff... I did really enjoy the series. I don't like them for their literary genius and I think her editor needs to go back to editing school, but I read to escape and that's what these books were for me. A fun, mindless escape. You have to remember these books are young adult fiction. They're geared toward teenagers so the fact you're not crazy for these books probably just means you're a much more sophisticated reader than the rest of us. :) (If Danielle Steele doesn't scream sophistication I don't know what does!;)
I'm with you on the Jacob thing. I could live without the cutoffs, but I LOVE Jacob and I think Bella needs the chance to have babies (Rosalie knows what she's talkin''bout). The whole giving up her soul thing doesn't really sit that well with me either.
As for Bella... she's totally frustrating and yes her self- deprecation is, as you put it, "B-to-the-Oring" but she's a pretty accurate portrait of most girls her age. I could totally identify with more than a few of her insecurities myself and saw a lot of my former students' neuroses in her.

And, what the!?!! The Tahoe? Have I really been away that long? I thought everyone in Utah drove the H2?.

AzĂșcar said...

GREAT costumes!

I'm with you on the books, but I've never read them. I don't read series until they're done.

Kati said...

I have to say that I have read the first 2. The first book I thought was okay...I couldn't stop reading it...not because I thought it was the best book in the world...but because that is just how I am. Once I start...I can't stop ((anything)) or it stings. The second book I thought was better than the first...but I am totally with you on Jacob! He does something for me! pastey white cold men really doesn't blow my skirt up. Now...the steamy hot warewolf thing sets me off a little. That I could read about. I started the 3rd book...which everyone says is the best one...but I had to stop reading about Bella's whiney A$$. She completely makes me want to slap the stupid right out of her. As for the whole Tahoe thing...I drive a Denali, I hate it everyday. I want a truck. Hubby has never been more in love with me since I mentioned it. I am going to try to get through the 3rd book...we will see. oh...and the costume is so stinkin cute! I love that you captured his little personality so well! What a great mom you are.

more caffeine, please said...

Love the comments gals!

Bek - Easy romans! Buy them at Target, then order fabric and cover them. I stitched over each panel, but you can always use my friend Liquid Stitch (glue) for the same result. Wha-la!

Rachel - I can do a simple garbage can. I have not attempted an Easter dress - hat's off to you. And H2 - that is classic. It's so Utah it's like The Training Table!

Kati - I too cannot put a book down once I start and I did fly through these. You kill me - blowing your skirt up and punching Bella's whiny A$$.

But I'm SO HAPPY to have all you Jacob fans on board! RRROOOWWW!

Sydney said...

Love, Love, Love the costume. Mrs. Larsen from Jr. High would be SO proud!

As far as the books..I loved them. I agree with Rachel that I had to rememeber that they were written for young adults and most young adults can relate to whiny, can't make up my mind, I want it but I don't kind of girl like Bella. The third book I admit I skimmed much of it but I still enjoyed it because it allowed me to escape my world of diapers, naptime schedules and the word "mommy" for a bit.

Thanks for the heads up on the Tahoe. If I'm moving back there in the near future, I need to find out what's cool and what's "in." You know I'm a total dork when it comes to having style, mom jeans, need I say more! I'll start scanning the classifieds and saving my pennies:)

Suzie Petunia said...

Great costume, mom. Well done!

I have my friend's copy of Eclipse sitting on my bed at this very moment, but I am so bored by Bella's ceaseless swooning... I can't make myself read it. I swear, if there hadn't been so much hoopla about this series, I would never have finished the first book. Oh, the peer pressure! :)

Suzie Petunia said...

P.S. Any advice on how to make roman shades?

Anderson's said...

Oh my gosh - cutest costume ever! I think you've found your next full-time job. :-) How come you didn't come to the Halloween party today?

K19 said...

LOVE the costume- I don't read.....:) Okay , I read magazines!!!