Monday, July 23, 2007

During the past 7 days, we did the following:

-Stayed in three different hotel rooms

-Stayed in one giant cabin with 23 family members
-Saw a mamma moose with her to babies
-Swam in a lake

-Missed Old Faithful while taking a family picture

-Watched CJ take 48 pictures of the ground at Yellowstone
-Watched CJ drive off the cabin stairs on his scooter ending up with a massive face scrape
-Drove through Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah
-Stayed at my mom's house and ate lots of her good food, swam in her pool and rode the scooter.

-Roasted marshmallows at the creek behind my brother's house.


Lindsey Lee said...

Why didn't we even see you while in Utah? SOunds like a fun family vacation...thats what i need! PS. Thanks for your wonderful "jewelry" blogging support...i don't even like jewelry, but hey its extra shopping money so whats a girl to do?

Rochelleht said...

Well, you may have missed it, but that was a super cool picture, anyway!

Sydney said...

Wow, you guys were busy. I can't believe you accomplished all of that in 7 days. Our vacations aren't nearly as fun or eventful. Welcome home!