Monday, May 14, 2007


-He wakes me up with a kiss and a really loud "good morning!" every day.
-He is so very smart and perceptive, he even notices when I've changed my toenail polish.
-He tells the best knock-knock jokes.
-He ends each day with a hug on one side of my cheeks, a squeeze on the other and kiss on the lips, then "one more for the road."
-He is the kindest big brother to Toad, he hasn't done one naughty thing to the baby since we brought him home.
-He loves to sing to the radio in the car
-He loves to help me clean and can sort laundry, and can load it in the machine or dryer himself.
-He was the one in his preschool class that started the "tickle fight" in the middle of the spring program which was very funny.
-He has become so friendly to new people and kids in our neighborhood - always asking what their names are.
-He makes me a better person every day, teaching me more about love, innocence and patience  that I ever imagined I could learn.


-He is the sweetest, most laid-back baby so far. Okay, so he's only #2, but boy is he easy. He just melts my heart.
-He loves his fingers and gets all 5 in his mouth at one time.
-I'm in love with the seven fat rolls on each thigh.
-He's very vocal and will tell you story after story after story.
-All it takes is a glance in his direction and you'll get the biggest smile ever.-He has dimples


K19 said...

I don't know if it's because my preggo hormones are on a rampage, but my eyes just totally welled up with tears!!!!!! What a lovely family, and Toad is SO precious with that big smile!

: STEVE : said...

Aww, this makes me miss my family even more than I do now. I can't wait to get back to them on Thursday.

~j. said...

How sweet! We should all do this periodically, express our specific feelings for our loved ones. Nice post.