Saturday, April 28, 2007

My mom came to visit this week and what a great time we had. First stop (it's the first stop on ALL family vacations) was WalMart. She bought my groceries. Over the next four days we ate out almost every meal (her treat). Loving that, too.


AzĂșcar said...

This might be my favorite post of yours ever.
The tension between wanting them forever next to you and hoping that they'll grow wings. Now that I have my boys I understand why missions are such a sacrifice for MOMS.

Of course that's what Boppies are for. That and blogging, playlist compiling, reading a magazine, and holding your first child.

c jane said...

I agree with Azucar. I got the chills.

Cheers to teaching the boys to knit (do Coyotes knit?)

~j. said...

Before I read what those ladies said, I too thought, "This is my favorite jaimerly post."

I am overwhelmed every time I look at my son and try to guess what lies in store for him in this life. When I consider the role I play as his mother, I'm humbled by the responsibility and honored by the opportunity.

Ashley said...


Loved this post. I really liked your house transformation too. In fact, I was wondering if you can tell me the color name/brand of the body of the house color you chose. My sister is interested! Is your email still parkway crossing? I wasn't sure it would be so I thought I'd comment.



more caffeine, please said...

Hello Ashley,
Email me at I'll find that info.

Haley said...

I'm glad you and Nece got this talk.. Every time I tuck my boys in to bed, I think about sending them away some day and HOPE by that time, I'll be ready... Until then, I will enjoy the control I have over them. :)

K19 said...

Cooper and Brookie aren't going to go ANYWHERE!!! I will make them stay with me till I am old and gray!! Yeah right! I LOVE your mom- what a beautiful lady, just like her daughter!!!