Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Two visits to the doctor's office plus two IV bags full of fluid plus two shots of phenegren plus 18 straight hours of sleep later, my head is out of the toilet. For now. And it's lovely. I even managed to wash a dish without throwing up. I'm quite proud. Plus, I finally heard the heartbeat today which made it all worth it. I was given the option to take the IV bags with me, attached to a belt to keep me and my blood sugar levels from whacking out again, sending me into a dizziness that's awful.  I convinced the doctor I'd be fine and that I don't mind coming back in on Friday for a discreet office IV hookup instead. It's worth it to get these babies here but oh my word pregnancy is the hardest thing I've ever ever done.


:: STEVE :: said...

Are you sure that guy was wearing an IV bag? Creepy old guys often wear another type of bag. A much, much grosser type of bag.

Rhymes with Bolostemy Bag.

This is me said...

Be grateful you aren't allergic to phenergan like I am. It made me lose all control of my left arm and it was just flailing around smacking people and knocking things over. This happened twice.
And I relate to the morning sickness horror. With my first, I lost 15 pounds my first trimester. Congrats on getting some relief and hearing the heartbeat. So exciting!

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AzĂșcar said...

We used to rent from a chick who ended up spending the first 6 months on her couch with an IV. She was crazy--not from the IV, but just cause she was.

I can't imagine being that sick. I felt sick, but not actual vomiting constantly sick.

But that bolostemy bag might push me over....

LuckyRedHen said...

I wonder if IV bags would help bulimics hold their food down too.

The $22 steak story - hilarious.

c jane said...

Toodles. I love that you said that.

(feel free to borrow the belt anytime my friend)