Sunday, May 21, 2006

Weekend in Review

Big day on Saturday for C.J. Behold, the BIG BOY BED. Lucy thinks we did her fat little self a favor and bought her a bed she can jump up on without assistance (like our king-size which requires about five tries before she makes it up on top). She hasn't moved from that spot.
After a lovely nap on the Big Boy Bed, we went to a family BBQ courtesy of moi and cousin Haley. CJ found lots of bugs. He walked around like that most of the time.
That was, until the 4-wheeler ride courtesy of Uncle Dave (and that's great-grandma on the back) traumatized C.J. for about six hours after his ride.

He then played it safe in the far corner of the yard with his  dad by his side.

Sunday was delightful. Mr. "Hi Guys!" at 5:45 a.m. slept in until 8:30 (love that big boy bed!) which meant we were an hour late for church which meant he was actually good for two hours of nursery which meant I came home from church actually feeling spiritual. Because he was so good, he was rewarded with two pounds of cookie dough.


nie nie said...

dear lucy,
you can come live with me and sleep in my bed. i think you are the cutest lil thing i ever did see.

Bek said...

That sounds like a good weekend. Especially since the boy not only STAYED in his bed but he SLEPT IN in it.

4 wheeling great grandma's are the scariest.........

~j. said...

As soon as Clara got her big girl bed, she slept much better, and all night long without waking up asking for something.

Does CJ still take naps?

c jane said...

Where did you have your bbq?

:: STEVE :: said...

dear lucy,

remember that time i doggysat you and i took you outside to pee and you ran away from me?

more caffeine, please said...

J - Yes, he still takes one great nap during the day. That's when I frantically get my work-from-home work done.

CJane - The BBQ was at Dave and Les's house.

Steve - I still owe and Hailey you for that fiasco.

AzĂșcar said...

Guille has always been a good sleeper, so imagine our hesitance to purchase a big boy bed. Also, I hate all the beds I've seen.

Except this one. I bet I could make it, now I just need to find the time.